April 23, 2007


Friday the kids and I headed up to Franklin and picked up their completed painted pottery. Both pieces turned out nice. After we returned home we worked on creating a couple of scrapbook pages as a favor for a friend. They turned out really good I think. Here is a pic of each page.

Morgan has become REALLY interested in scrapbooking now, thanks Lisa. ;-) LOL! Friday night was movie & pizza night with the HP Club. Both kids had decided to go so Corey and I got a night out!! 2 1/2 hours kid-free! We went out for a steak dinner & a drink. Yummy margarita! Then we did a wee bit of shopping before we headed back to the library to pick up the kids. The movie was done and they were playing the Harry Potter version of Scene It, DVD game. They were playing adults versus kids so we got pulled into the game for a few minutes. Once other parents started arriving the game wound down and we left for home.

Saturday we did a lot of house cleaning and the kids cooperated nicely. Unfortunately we missed Alex's soccer game because Corey got the time wrong. Eeek! To make it up to him we asked him to pick an activity and he picked Glow Golf (indoor mini golf in a black light setting). So after getting Corey a desperately needed hair cut we headed to the mall for the Glow Golf. We got to sample some Bluegrass music while there because a festival was going on and there were several groups playing music. We stopped at Bath & Body Works while at the mall and ended up getting something we didn't plan on because Alex opened and USED an American Girl lip gloss. Ack! Sooo...we made him pay for it. Lesson learned? Hopefully. We then met up with GC in Spring Hill for dinner. We tried a new Mexican restaurant....pretty good. Alex fell asleep at the table on GC's lap....after wiggling around for 30 minutes or more.

Sunday was Alex's birthday party. We just had family over but that was just fine with him. Everyone arrived about 3'ish. We grilled out with hot dogs and chicken with beans, cole slaw, macaroni salad, and chips. Then cake & ice cream. I have all the pics on the computer and will be creating a link (to the right) with some photo pages. I'll be uploading in just a little bit. The kids played with several of Alex's gifts...water soakers, bubbles,etc. After we ate we had a nice round of cards.


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