April 19, 2007


How can it possibly be that my baby boy is SIX years old today?? Where has the time gone? How did he change from a baby to this "big boy" I see before me? A blessing from the very beginning. I tried and waited a long time for my babies and each of them made me wait as long as they possibly could by going past their due date. LOL! He was a snuggler from birth and thankfully, for his Mama's sake, he still is. I delight in it because I know it won't last forever. He is my active, full-of-life boy. He goes full tilt until he absolutely runs out of steam...and he always has. He can be as sweet as sugar and melt your heart and in a moment can make you want to pull your hair out and see red. He has his Daddy's long, lean build and he has the Claremont dimples that link generations. He has his Mama's love of chocolate. As much of a baby as I always felt he was. I swear he stayed a baby longer than Morgan did. He has always been a little man. He picks up words and meanings and tones so quickly it blows my mind sometimes. The things that come out of his mouth just amaze us...or crack us up. My heart has been his since I was 15 weeks pregnant with him. We couldn't hear his heartbeat at the check up (not completely unusual for an overweight pregnant mom) but I lost it right there in the office. The doctor reassured me & Corey but sent us straight over for an ultrasound. They got his heartbeat immediately and we saw him moving around just fine. We didn't know he was a boy at the time but we didn't care. Our baby was okay. We found out he was a boy at 37 1/2 weeks along and he was no longer "the baby" he was Alex or Baby Alex. I knew I was lost forever when I held him the first time and looked into that face. He is Mama's Boy for sure.

I look at pictures of him as a baby and there is a part of me that longs to turn back the clock and hold that baby in my arms again. But a bigger part of me loves the journey and can't wait to see what is down the road. Watching this baby grow into a man. Isn't this what it is all about? The journey.

Gentle Goddess, Mother of All, thank you for giving me this most amazing blessing. My heart is full and I am truly blessed.

Happy 6th Birthday Alexander James, my wonderful, sweet boy!!


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Happy Birthday Alex!


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