April 19, 2007

Birthdays and other happenings

Wednesday Morgan & I went to the counselor's office and each had a good chat. Morgan had asked to go and I think she likes having someone to bounce things off of...someone that isn't Mom, Dad or GC. After lunch we decided the weather would be okay and so we headed out for our Wednesday homeschooling park day up in Nashville. Alex slept on the trip up and Morgan read. Once at the park they ran off to play and I got to chat with the hs'ing mamas. We had no issues at the park, nice, and headed back home about 4:30pm. We were about halfway home when traffic just stopped. After 15 minutes or so, lights & sirens were coming through from behind. Every few minutes more came...ending up with 3 police/sheriff vehicles, 2 ambulances, 2 fire trucks and a few volunteer vehicles came through. Each time traffic inched out of the lanes and then moved back. It took about an hour to get through and as we went by we saw a full size van that had obviously rolled. The kids and I had a good discussion about how we were thankful we weren't in the accident and that regardless of the inconvenience of the stopped traffic, etc that we were lucky to be moving and to be going home to eat dinner and not being hurt, going to the hospital or worse. It felt good to hear them express their thoughts and feelings about it and know that they are empathetic little people. Some days I wonder when they are so mean to each other. We watched American Idol results and were pleased that Sanjaya was finally voted off!

Today our boy had a birthday and is now 6 years old. He got to pick a movie to watch, pick dinner ... pancakes.... and we made a cake. He wanted chocolate chips in it, so we did that. Then we made a light chocolate frosting and put his name & "6" in chocolate chips on the top. LOL! He helped with all of it. We are having the full celebration on Sunday with family. He requested a bakery cake (from Publix..his request) and he picked out a "Over The Hedge" theme. Morgan worked her hiney off today doing projects for points in her HP Club....all educational projects. I helped and we had a good time until she reached her breaking point. Her head started hurting and it was time for a break. She has plans to do more tomorrow. She has a lot of points and is #4 at the moment in the club.

Tomorrow we need to go pick up their painted pottery. I can't wait to see how it all turned out.

I have recent pictures that I need to get uploaded. I promise I'm working on it. :-)


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