April 25, 2007

Bowling on Wednesday

This morning Morgan and I worked on some HP project sheets. She is kicking behind on them. LOL! Friday is the last day to turn them in so we will be done then. After lunch we headed out to the bowling alley. Morgan has decided to join a homeschooling summer bowling league. Alex had decided to join but then changed his mind. I took him today so Corey wouldn't have to worry about him and hoping he would change his mind, again, when he saw all the kids bowling. Nope, no go. He did good for an hour and then the last 30-45 minutes he was Mr. Wild Child. Alex and I worked on some Earth Day worksheets, a recycling coloring sheet and Mad Libs. Guess I should have brought more to keep him busy. Morgan did great. She was put on a team with 2 boys that are really good. She's in the minors which is 8-12yo. One of the boys on her team is the son of the woman that organizes the homeschooling league and she had him help Morgan out. His tips & guidance really helped. I really think it helped that the information was coming from another kid and not "Mom or Dad telling me what to do or not do" .. kwim? She bowled 3 games and her scores were 53, 47 and 71. She even picked up a spare or two. Not bad for a kid that hasn't bowled on non-bumper lanes and got 5 gutter balls in a row during warm up and the beginning of the first game. I told ya the tips helped from her teammate! :-) She is already excited about next week and couldn't wait to tell Corey about her game.

I think I mentioned before about sending an email to the ArtrainUSA folks about our disappointing tour. Well, this morning I received an email response from the President/CEO of ArtrainUSA. It was a very nice email, very apologetic and with considerable attempts at helping to the make the situation better. I plan on talking to the other families involved to let them know and get back with her.

I had a baaaaad gallbladder attack tonight. It was horrible...so time to get to the doc about it.


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