May 7, 2007

Squirt, squeal, surprise!

This evening Corey and I were talking with one of our nextdoor neighbors about plants, the neighborhood,etc. The kids came to ask if they could play with the water hose to squirt off their chalk drawings in the driveway and to get each other wet. We said yes so off they went. Within a few minutes we were hearing squeals of laughter. Ahhh, the lovely sounds of children enjoying themselves. Sweet music to my ears. And oh so much better than the complaining & fussing I hear too often.
Suddenly Morgan comes running over to us because Alex is squirting her "too much" and she's getting "too wet". Umm..isn't wet, wet? ;-) Well, Alex decides to continue squirting her and then aims for the adults. Surprise! LOL! Corey goes after the hose and gets it (while getting a little wet) and squirts Alex back. Alex abandons the front water hose and grabs the back water hose that Morgan had abandoned and starts squirting again. Suddenly he turns the hose on me! I say goodbye to the neighbor & he goes back to planting his cherry tomatoes. I turn my attention to my wet, laughing son who is squirting me with the water hose. I get the hose from him but not before I get pretty wet.
Corey had to go back inside to work a change window for work. Morgan had the front water hose and finished rinsing off the chalk drawings and watering some of the front plants. Alex and I were in the backyard with the back water hose. He grabbed one of his super soakers and had me fill it. Fun, squirting, squealing, and laughing ensued. We had a good time getting each other soaking wet. Morgan ended up coming back & getting the other super soaker & joining our fun. After about 20-30 minutes of this the 3 of us were soaked to the skin. We came inside, dried off & changed into dry clothes...jammies really.
It was a gorgeous evening, temps in the low 70's and just perfect for our family water fun time. :-) Just gotta love times like this and embed them deep into our memories.


At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like fun Kelly! I need to hook my hose up for the season today (since I already planted some things that need watering!) But its still a little chilly here so I haven't let the kids play with the water yet.
BTW, what is a change window that you always mention Corey doing? I keep meaning to ask and always forget :)


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