May 3, 2007

Bowling League week 2

Morgan had her 2nd week of bowling league today. She worked all week with a gallon milk jug full of water to get used to swinging 8 lbs so she could use a "real" bowling ball. Well, she did it. She used an 8 lb. ball for all 3 games today. Her scores were 69, 96, and 98. Plus she got a couple spares and her first STRIKE!! She was thrilled. It is so neat to watch how different she is around all the other kids. She tries harder and takes things in stride and accepts their congratulations and praise, help and tips with such ease. I'm very proud of her. She told me tonight that her next goal (after using the 8 lb. ball & getting a strike) is to break 100. I think she will do it and soon.

Corey had today off for a comp day from his pager duty last week so he got to come watch. That made her very happy too. :-)


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