April 28, 2007

Soccer, family, movies

Another Saturday rolls around and finds us cheering Alex on during his soccer game. He played very well, despite being pretty scatterbrained today. He scored 1 of 3 goals for his team. As difficult as focusing can be for him he does pretty good at pulling himself back on track when we say something or his coach does. I'm proud of him for how well he is doing with soccer. :-)

Morgan & Corey went to movie night at the HP Club on Friday night. They saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Morgan also turned in the last of her HP Club projects. The advisor tallied up the final points (Fri night was the last night to turn in projects & earn points) and Morgan came in first place. I'm proud of her. She set a goal and worked hard, with help from Mama when needed, to get to that goal. She gets to spend her points at the club's Magic Market in May. She can't wait.

We met GC for dinner tonight and then she came back to our house. We started playing a card game but the kids weren't really up to it so we all headed outside. Corey and the kids started playing soccer, GC & I lit some citronella candles and sat on the deck. I was soon enticed to come play soccer with Cor & the kids. OMG it was hilarious but we got a couple goals. I swear at one point my mom was laughing at me so hard that I thought she was going to collapse! LOL! We stayed outside until dark...gorgeous weather.

Corey and I just finished watching The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. Really good movie. We both enjoyed it a lot.

Not much on tap for tomorrow.


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