April 30, 2007

Costumes costumes

We have costumes! LOL Morgan received 2 of her 3 dance recital costumes today...ballet & tap. Their jazz costumes aren't in yet. Man, can't believe it is so close to recital time...1 month away. The costumes are so cute and the girls had to try them on & then do the dance in it. They were all so excited it was hilarious. The tap costume has fringe all around it and they were so busy watching themselves in the mirror making it shake & wiggle that I can't believe they could do their routine. ;-)

Before dance class Morgan and I went shopping at Goodwill. She has been requesting this so Corey and I agreed to give her a set amount of money to do some summer clothes shopping. She got 12 items for $11 and is thrilled. Shorts, tops, 2 summer dresses (t-shirt type dresses) and 1 pair shortalls.

Tonight we took Alex to W-M (you know...Wally World) so he could buy a PS2 game with some of his birthday money. We also picked up a new bird feeder...darn squirrels broke the other one. Seriously...they tore the roof off it months ago and then they just tore the sides off! Hello squirrels what do you think holds the FOOD in there?? LOL Hopefully this one will hold up better against our genius, talented squirrels.


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