April 29, 2007

Slow Sunday

Apparently Corey was up & down most of the night with Alex and pager duty. I heard the kids up but they were playing quietly & not fighting so I didn't get up. Morgan was nice and made Alex breakfast so that was really cool. I got up just before 10am and had heard Corey mention being up most of the night, so I closed all the doors hoping he could sleep longer. The kids and I played Disney Uno while I ate breakfast and then I fried Morgan a couple eggs at her request. She had been up since 7am but she's one of those people that can not eat for a while after she wakes up. She'd be in trouble if she had to rush out the door in the mornings to catch a school bus! After Corey got up we finished up the grocery list and talked about heading out to the grocery store. We grabbed lunch before doing the grocery shopping. I took the shop-vac outside and cleaned out the van, Corey used the weedwacker on the backyard. After dinner we all headed outside for a family soccer game....girls vs. boys. LOL! We took a time out to see some kittens that were found under the neighbor's shed. It was decided that the mom was still around & they were pretty small so they put them back under the shed. The one I held was just precious...calico kinda & gorgeous blue eyes.

We had an interesting event earlier in the day thanks to Alex & his temper. :-/ He got mad at Corey so he turned the lock on the door leading down to the family room/Corey's office, and then slammed the door shut. This door is an exterior door that requires a key because it is the same door that was used between the house & the garage before they converted the garage to the family room. Well, as it turns out...we don't have a key to that door! I called my brother and after asking a bunch of questions his suggestion was to remove the pins in the hinges & try to back the door out of the doorway. We managed to remove the pins & worked the door out...yea! Corey is going to switch out the door handles so we don't have to deal with this again. Argh...little munchkin man knew he was in trouble. Thankfully no harm came to him, the bunny or the door. ;-)


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