May 6, 2007

Catch up time

Thursday was a fairly quiet day. We've been outside almost every evening playing family soccer or baseball. The kids & I have been on our kitty rescue mission as well. We haven't found the kitties yet but are still working on it. Friday we met up with Shannon & the kids at Chuck E. Cheese in Franklin. The kids had a great time together and Shannon & I got to do lots of talking. Friday evening Corey had a hankering to go bowling so we headed to the local bowling alley. We got a regular lane instead of a bumper lane since Morgan is in the hs'ing league now and we want her to continue getting used to that. Alex was a little upset because we wanted him to try throwing the bowling ball instead of using the kiddie ramp. Morgan did really good. The place was hopping, can you tell we live in a little city? LOL! The different types of people there took me by surprise. And smoking is still allowed so once it started getting packed it got smokey...blech! We came home smelling like chimneys.

Saturday we had Alex's soccer game. GC got to come to this one. Finally! She's had to work every weekend and hasn't been able to come to any games so far this spring season. It started raining right at the end of the game, good timing. Afterwards, GC took both kids with her. They had some errands to run & were working on a project (for me for Mother's Day). So Cor & I had some kid-free time. Woo! It doesn't happen often. We decided to try out the new internet coffee house that just opened down the street. It was nice. While there we saw some stuff on the tornado that wiped out Greensburg, Kansas. :-( The whole town...just sad. After we finished our chai & latte we headed to the library for some grown up book searching. We each got some books. We were due to meet up with mom, the kids, Michael & Tish for dinner at 5pm. Mom & the kids were running late so we pushed back the time. Cor & I were running ahead of schedule so spent some time wandering around Target before meeting up at Chili's. Corey had to work tonight so I started a new book, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

Tomorrow should be a lazy family day.


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