May 8, 2007

HP Club wraps up

Tonight was "Magic Market" night with the HP Club. The members got to shop using their points. Morgan was the point leader...she was very proud. The top 5 in points got to shop first and then they went by house according to house points. They had to spend all of their points. Morgan had almost 3000! LOL! The most expensive item was 450 she ended up coming out with 3 bags full of stuff...a ton of books! I'll have to look at everything she got tomorrow. Some of what she got was for Alex. I thought it was very sweet that she let him look through the list & pick out several things. While each house was shopping the other members had snacks & drinks and/or could look through their goodies if they had already shopped. After everyone had finished shopping they wrapped up their meeting with thank you gifts for this year's prefects, announced head girl & boy (highest points for girl & boy) and Morgan was head girl. She was thrilled & surprised I think. LOL! Then they announced prefects for next year. Morgan will be one of the prefects for her house. She was beyond thrilled! I volunteered to be a house parent (a new thing they are trying to have parents involved to help the advisor).

All-in-all a busy day for us.... pick up van from mechanic, authors club followed by park day (all at the same place), then soccer practice for Alex and HP Club for Morgan.

Corey and I are watching The Illusionist. Well, I'm not that into it...seems too much like The Prestige.


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