May 15, 2007

Welcome Kali Larabie

We have a new addition to our family....Kali Larabie. We think she is about 5-6 weeks old. She's beautiful and we are all in love already.

Isn't she precious?? We think so! She is the lone kitten left from the Kitty Rescue Mission.
She is a tiny, calico kitten that Mama Kitty didn't move the last time she moved the family. Apparently after our neighbors found the kittens, Mama Kitty moved the kittens *inside* the shed of the neighbors another house over. It was open while they were doing yard work. Unfortunately they closed it up without knowing that Mama Kitty & kittens were inside..and went away for 5 days. When the opened the shed up again for more yard work Mama Kitty came running out. They felt horrible but didn't know she was in there. They found 4 kittens running around. They had just adopted a big fat orange cat & so got some food & water for the kittens. They said the poor kittens were SO hungry. There was a small window in the shed that was open & had a screen but that would have only let in a little breeze (if that). They have a low, wire fence across the doorway of their shed to prevent possums & skunks from going in there but that didn't stop Mama Kitty. It did keep the babies in after she ran off when the door opened. They left the shed open so she could come back and apparently she did but only for 3 of the babies. They've waited over a week & she hasn't come back again. They've been feeding this one but couldn't take it inside because their cat was having a fit (and he's big). Morgan and I went over today & asked them if they had seen the mama & kittens and they told us the story & took us to see the kitten. We brought her home and she's here to stay. Wepicked her name because she is calico and because Kali is the name of a we took that spelling instead of Callie/Calli. :-D


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh! I made a spelling mistake!

Cute little Kali!


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