May 20, 2007

End of a busy week

We've had a fairly busy week. I posted about the newest member joining our family on Monday evening. On Tuesday, the kids and I planted some seeds in a small herb garden/greenhouse kit we got. It has basil, catnip and mint in it. Then Morgan and I headed up to the park. Alex stayed home with Corey because he hasn't been feeling good...a cold has triggered his asthma. We called & checked on the puppy we saw at the shelter but she was still in isolation. We needed to do grocery shopping so I dropped Morgan off at home, picked up Alex (kid swap) and headed to the store. Alex was good & funny while shopping. No soccer practice for Alex because his coach was sick.

On Wednesday Corey had the afternoon off. Yea! So we all went to Morgan's bowling league. She did pretty good and just *loves* having Corey watch. Afterwards Corey said we should run by the shelter to check on the puppy. We get there and they say she is still in isolation, don't know when she'll be out because the vet tech isn't there. We go to the back & look at the other dogs. The guy tells us that they have a Golden Retriever puppy, 6 months old, if we want to visit with her. We decide to do it and she was sooo sweet. Big for 6 months but gentle yet frisky and so good. We filled out an application for her. She was full-blooded G.R. and she had to be spayed before she could leave. After all that we headed home.

Thursday was a nice hang out day. Corey had the entire day off. We spent some time marvelling at how well our garden is doing. Loaded up the tons of recycling we had & went to the recycling center. We then headed to Lowe's to order the lumber we need for our fence. We got that taken care of...scheduled for Friday delivery...and picked up some ant stuff. Then I dropped Corey & the kids off at home and headed to an appointment with my primary doc. This is my first appointment with her so while I wasn't worried I did hope that I liked her. Luck was with me & I like her. After visiting the lab on the way out I'm all set for some appointments to check out my gall bladder.

Friday morning the Lowe's delivery was made about 8:30am. Very cool. Morgan and I went to the counselor and had a good appointment. We talked about some issues with Alex and got some good information and a referral we feel better about. So we will start there. We did some picking up around the house. Corey called the shelter to see what the status was on our application. Well, he was told "someone else filled out an application for her before you and they were approved so she's been adopted". Umm..hello, you would think they would tell someone this when they fill out the app...hey just to let you know someone else has also filled an app out & if they are approved then she will go home to them. Our shelter leaves a lot to be desired....very frustrating trying to work with them. GC came over for dinner....we had yummy quesadillas.

Saturday morning we had a nice start and prepared for a pretty busy day ahead. About 11am I realized I didn't have hair nets to help keep Morgan's hair in a bun so Corey ran out to get some. I started getting showered & dressed and then started working on getting Morgan's stuff together. Talk to GC on the phone and give her directions to pick up our first CSA share. We start hemming Morgan's jazz costume (legs way too long). Corey called to say Walgreen's didn't have hair nets and so I begged him to try Kroger. Back to hemming and there is a knock on the door. Don't you know the Jehovah Witness people are at the door...they've been by TWICE already. 1 man is at the door and 3 other people are getting out of the car. Egads!! I quickly say through the glass door that now is NOT a good time as I'm hemming a dance costume, trying to do hair & get ready for pictures and a soccer game,etc. Back to hemming, get finished up. We have all costumes, shoes & such together. I start working on Morgan's hair and Corey walks in...with hair nets. YEA!! What a wonderful man. :-D We get her hair in a bun, make up on, 1st pair of tights and head off to the dance studio. 3 costume changes and individual & group pictures and 2 hours later we are done. We grab a drink and head to the soccer field for Alex's last game. We get to see a little over half of it. Following the game we all go to a local ice cream shop and have a little party. The boys all got really neat picture frame trophies from the coach. I'll have to take a picture of it. Oh wait...I found it online soccer trophy frame . GC came back to our house with us and we hung out, played cards, checked out our box of delicious veggies/fruits from the organic farm. We got gorgeous leaf lettuce, red russian kale, swiss chard, broccoli, basil, spring onions, and strawberries. We snacked on some strawberries...big & sweet...and washed up some leaf lettuce & red russian kale for a salad. We had mojo pork, corn pudding and the freshest salad any of us have ever eatten. LOL! Delicious! We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the cool evening while the kids kicked the soccer ball around. Our backyard is just so green right now it just feels fabulous being out there. Then topped it all off with some ice cream cake before sending GC home with leftovers.

Corey has to work a change window at 2am so he is napping now. I'm staying up to make sure he gets back up. ;-)

Kali is doing great. She sleeps well in our bathroom at night and doesn't cry when it is bedtime anymore. She has gone in there to nap on her blanket a couple of times. She has found her way to the litter box and is using it pretty good on her own. We take her in there a few times each day as well if we think it has been a while. She is curious, a climber and so playful. She has figured out the stairs although it takes her a while to get to the top..and then she is worn out & ready for a nap. Seriously! The little monkey has also figured out that she can climb a few steps, slip through the banister and get on the DVD player or the TV! She meows at closed doors (including the fridge & laundry doors) and will sit at the spot where her food bowl goes and meow at us when she's ready to eat.


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