February 17, 2011

Global Education Center field trip

Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Global Education Center in Nashville  to see the performance of Singers of United Lands.  Singers of United Lands brings together 4 young adults from different countries and they tour and sing songs from their native countries.  Each year they have different people from different countries.  We saw Paddy from Australia, Sergio from Colombia, Kayla from the Mi'kmaq Nation of Canada, and Lulu from Zambia.  The 4 of them have learned each other's songs in the native language...how amazing!! They talked about their culture and where the songs come from.  The performance was wonderful, the singing just beautiful.  Each performer had 2 songs from their country/culture along with some background information.  I took some video of the performances and have linked them below.  A couple of them are not full songs but the rest are.  :-)

Lulu's 1st song from Zambia.
Sergio's 1st song from Colombia.
Paddy's 1st song from Australia.
Kayla's 2nd song from the Mi'kmaq Nation of Canada. I missed her 1st song.
Good-bye Song from Paddy, a song that incorporates "Good-bye" in 10 different languages.

This was our first field trip to the Global Education Center in Nashville. We are looking forward to more cultural experiences there in the future.

February 9, 2011

Morgan's knee - follow up

Morgan had her follow up appointment at the orthopedist for her knee.  Last week she started back to her dancing classes with her knee brace on as he said she could.  Lyrical on Monday was fine and Pointe (in ballet shoes) & Ballet on Tuesday seemed fine.  However, later Tuesday night her knee was hurting and when we removed the brace she was swollen.  We immediately said no more dance for the rest of the week and iced it.  She went to dance class on Wednesday and Thursday but just watched.  They have started learning their recital dances and she doesn't want to get behind.  Over the weekend it continued to hurt with some swelling despite using the brace, resting it & keeping it elevated and icing it.  I decided we were definitely keeping the follow up appointment.  Sooo, this morning we went in and they x-rayed it again.  Doc came in and said no healing had occurred and that it needed a full out rest of 8 weeks to allow the bone & growth plate to heal.  One option was an above the knee cast (miserable he said) and the other option was a knee immobilizer.  He doesn't want her just sitting around all day, typical walking around during the day is fine but nothing except shower & sleep without the immobilizer and to take it easy on the stairs.  While it is out of the immobilizer for shower & sleep he wants her to bend it and move it around so it doesn't get stiff.  We are going to work on some isolation exercises she can do while on the bed to help the muscles in her thigh and calf without bending the knee & putting pressure on the injured area.   She is VERY sad and disappointed.  We talked to the dance studio owner (one of her instructors) and she will continue watching her classes and learning the recital dances so that when the 8 weeks are up she'll know it in her head already.  She handled herself very well today but then started melting down about bedtime....immobilizer was off, knee was hurting, the rest of her leg was hurting from the different usage, and the whole reality of it caught up with her at once while being tired.  Made for one emotional girlie.  We will go back to the orthopedist on April 9th.  Hopefully my girl will be all better by then.  Send any love and good thoughts to her.  I know she can use them.

February 1, 2011

Scrapbooking - card making

Last night I got out for a scrapbooking night.  My friend, Charmante, is a consultant for Close To My Heart and she has a nice scrapbooking room so we scrapbook at her house.   I decided that I wanted to make a few cards.   I started playing around with paper and ideas while we chatted away.   I used a couple of stamp sets that were about dancing and had fun.  Here are the results.  :-)