February 17, 2011

Global Education Center field trip

Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Global Education Center in Nashville  to see the performance of Singers of United Lands.  Singers of United Lands brings together 4 young adults from different countries and they tour and sing songs from their native countries.  Each year they have different people from different countries.  We saw Paddy from Australia, Sergio from Colombia, Kayla from the Mi'kmaq Nation of Canada, and Lulu from Zambia.  The 4 of them have learned each other's songs in the native language...how amazing!! They talked about their culture and where the songs come from.  The performance was wonderful, the singing just beautiful.  Each performer had 2 songs from their country/culture along with some background information.  I took some video of the performances and have linked them below.  A couple of them are not full songs but the rest are.  :-)

Lulu's 1st song from Zambia.
Sergio's 1st song from Colombia.
Paddy's 1st song from Australia.
Kayla's 2nd song from the Mi'kmaq Nation of Canada. I missed her 1st song.
Good-bye Song from Paddy, a song that incorporates "Good-bye" in 10 different languages.

This was our first field trip to the Global Education Center in Nashville. We are looking forward to more cultural experiences there in the future.


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