January 30, 2011

Paint, Paint everywhere

I'm not sure that picking out paint color can be listed as a favorite activities but it isn't bad and certainly isn't something I stress over. My brother has the huge Behr paint sample booklet/fan and we had picked out 4 colors that we thought might be right.  A friend had several samples of various green paint from when she was trying to find the right color for her room.  She gave us the samples to help us in our search for the right green.  We felt one color was really close to one of our picks so we painted a nice swatch on the wall.  Alas, it was too dark for us.  We narrowed our 4 picks down to 2 (the lighter 2) and I picked up samples of those 2 colors today.  I painted a nice swatch of each color on 2 different walls....our bedroom is becoming quite the multi-green patchwork.  LOL!   Hopefully, one of these 2 colors is "the one" and we can move on. 


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