January 5, 2011

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

I finished writing my list yesterday so I thought I would share it today.  I am hoping to complete more items on this list than I did on the last one.  We shall see.  :-)   I have started working on the list already.  Woot!
Corey and I got the idea to try this in 2008 when we heard about the Day Zero Project.  Instead of your traditional new year's resolutions you create longer term goals that can be broken down into steps and you have more time for things that might take more than a year to complete (or save money for).  :-)   If you feel compelled to give it a shot and to share your goals than I'd love to hear about it.

101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

January 4, 2011 – October 1, 2013

1. Remove border in master bedroom.

2. Paint master bedroom.

3. Help pull up carpet in master bedroom.

4. Help put in new flooring in master bedroom.

5. Clean & organize my dresser.

6. Clean & organize bathroom closet.

7. Clean & organize master closet.

8. Clean & organize laundry closet.

9. Help Morgan sort & organize her closet.

10. Help Alex sort & organize his closet.

11. Donate all items that can be donated.

12. Take books to McKay’s.

13. Help Morgan remove the wallies from her walls.

14. Paint Morgan’s bedroom.

15. Help pull up carpet in Morgan’s bedroom.

16. Help put in new flooring in Morgan’s bedroom.

17. Help Alex remove the wallies from his walls.

18. Paint Alex’s bedroom.

19. Help pull up carpet in Alex’s bedroom.

20. Help put in new flooring in Alex’s bedroom.

21. Remove border from upstairs bathroom.

22. Paint upstairs bathroom.

23. Help finish painting stairwell.

24. Hang pictures in stairwell.

25. Replace old stove hood with new white one to match new stove.

26. Get new chairs for dining set.

27. Get new couch/loveseat/chair for living room.

28. Take a monthly picture of each child. 0/33

29. Take a yearly family picture. 0/2

30. Take pictures at Stillhouse Hollow Falls in Spring/Autumn.

31. Learn how to play at least one song on the piano.

32. Make 1 liqueur, using my liqueur book.

33. Dance in the rain with Corey, Morgan & Alex.

34. Exercise - 100 crunches a day for 1 month.

35. Exercise - go for a walk 2 days a week for 1 month.

36. Exercise - go for a walk 3 days a week for 1 month.

37. Weight loss plan - meet 1st goal weight. (written in a journal)

38. Weight loss plan - meet 2nd goal weight. (written in a journal)

39. Weight loss plan - meet 3rd goal weight. (written in a journal)

40. Use Wii Fit every day for 1 month.

41. Participate in a Breast Cancer walk.

42. Stop swearing for 1 week. (Bonus if I can keep this up.)

43. Read 1 book each week. 0/143

44. Post on our family blog at least once a week. 0/143

45. Finish knitting scarf.

46. Start & complete another knitting project.

47. Make a sourdough bread starter.

48. Bake at least 1 loaf of bread from sourdough starter.

49. Try 1 new recipe each month. 0/33

50. Plan & take a weekend away with Corey.

51. Plan & take a trip to a state we haven’t visited.

52. Take the kids to Washington, D.C.

53. Plan & take a trip to visit family in NY.

54. Plan & take a day trip.

55. Get a passport.

56. Plan a weekend with friends.

57. Complete certification process for DONA birth doula.

58. Get sketch turned into logo for use on website, business cards, brochures, and t-shirt.

59. Create brochure for business – A Doula 4 U.

60. Network with other doulas and midwives.

61. Get a back-up doula.

62. Buy 2 shirts with doula sayings on them. 0/2

63. Meet a CBE and audit a local childbirth class.

64. Average 1 doula client each month.

65. Take 1 class/workshop that will help as a doula or towards becoming midwife.

66. Attend a doula/midwife conference.

67. Sign up to volunteer with Operation Special Delivery.

68. Volunteer at CDA dance recital.

69. Get Midnight neutered.

70. Maintain monthly meds (heartworm & flea prevention) for the dogs. 0/33

71. Maintain monthly nail clipping for dogs. 1/33

72. Celebrate the Wheel of the Year.

73. Teach the kids more about each of the 8 festivals in the Wheel of the Year.

74. Organize recipes in recipe notebook.

75. Make quilt for Mom using her fabric squares.

76. Sew at least 1 thing for myself.

77. Sew a “bed buddy” for Morgan’s dance instructors for year-end gift.

78. Make dinner for dance instructors during recital week (dress rehearsal or extra practice night).

79. Don’t eat out for at least one 2-week menu cycle.

80. Get all photos from computer(s) onto a CD or thumb drive or similar.

81. Maintain homeschooling schedule to complete curriculum & progress each year.

82. Encourage each child to pursue their interests.

83. Assist with By Kids For Kids (BK4K) as much as I am able.

84. Start decorating for Yule & Christmas the week after Thanksgiving.

85. Plan and host a cookie exchange in December.

86. Help & encourage Corey to take a guys’ weekend with his friends or brothers.

87. Deposit $100 into my Roth IRA.

88. Meet up with 1 Sept98mom or April01mom that I haven’t met yet.

89. Meet up with 1 friend that I haven’t seen in over a year.

90. Lunch with my mom.

91. Have a date night with Corey every quarter. 0/11

92. Tell Corey & kids “I Love You” every single day.

93. Maintain a calm voice when frustrated with the kids for 1 week. (Bonus if I can keep this up!)

94. Get a pedicure with my mom & Morgan.

95. Spend a day with Morgan.

96. Spend a day with Alex.

97. Lunch with my brother.

98. Attend Alexa & Elliot’s wedding in July 2011.

99. Participate in at least one random act of kindness each month.

100. Post this list online.

101. Write a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger World Wake Up Call said...

I came across this somewhere, so I read your complete list of DayZero goals, and I must say it was pretty awesome! I loved how it really involved really funny and random things.

We've made a blogpost trying to inspire as many as people as possible to participate (one of our goals was to write this ;). Perhaps you want to leave a comment of what you thought your best or most interesting goal was?

Would be awesome :)
- Griffith.


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