May 24, 2010

95% Complete

The painting is finished & the tape has been removed. Some furniture has been moved back in place, albeit temporarily. You see, the trim & transition pieces that were delivered with our flooring were the wrong ones so that will have to wait a few more days. So we can't put everything back in place because we don't want to move it THAT many times. LOL!  We haven't put the pictures back on the wall but that will be done in the next day or two.  We are *extremely* happy with our choices for the flooring and the wall color.  We will be changing out the outlet & switchplate covers next.  The ick of beige now that the beige wall color is gone.  Here are some pictures so you can see how it turned out.  I'll do another set once we get it 100% complete.


At 8:58 PM, Anonymous sunghee said...

Looks great! Love the hardwood floor!


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