May 21, 2010

Living Room Renovation - Revisited

Due to water damage, trying to get someone out here to fix any & all problems so it doesn't continue, getting the wet place DRY...which can't happen if the outside isn't fixed and it doesn't stop all this darn raining.  The flooring is definitely on hold, which sucks, but that just is how it is right now.  We have decided while we are doing all of this waiting that we are going to paint the living room.  May as well since we have most stuff out of the room and it won't matter if we get paint on the floor.  LOL!  :-)   It took us 2 tries to get the color we liked but everything is set. The color we picked is called Sea Sprite, it's a very light blue. We are using the Behr Ultra (primer & paint) so we don't have to do so much painting.  I got the paint tonight and my mom is coming to help me start painting in the morning.  Hopefully, we can get the outside problem taken care of so we can move on with the inside.  That would be nice.  Fingers crossed everyone.


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