May 16, 2010

Living Room Renovation

The time has come for us to start getting rid of the carpet in our house.  It is a light berber carpet and we hate it.  It stains horribly, snags & runs, and is impossible to keep clean or get clean.  We are replacing it with laminate. We will be doing one or two rooms at a time starting with the living room. Corey and I pulled up all the carpet & padding yesterday.  It wasn't hard but it was physically tiring.  We are both feeling it today.  Here are some pictures of our work in progress.

In my opinion it looks better already.  LOL!  Unfortunately we found 2 places that indicate some water damage.  One place is dry and looks like there is just surface damage.  The second place, and the biggie, is very wet and doesn't look good.  It isn't huge but still not a good thing.  We got some stuff to treat it (concrobium)  and have a fan blowing across it to help it dry.  We've already contacted our insurance company and are waiting to hear when the field claims adjuster can come out.  Until then, we wait.  I am very tempted to paint the living room while we wait! :-)


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