April 16, 2010

Tax Day

Well, I guess for some it is Tax Day.  We never wait until the last minute to file our taxes.  The *only* reason I can think of to wait is if you owed the government.  LOL!  Then I would wait til the last possible minute before filing. 

For us it was just Thursday.  An unseasonably warm Thursday too.  The day was better than yesterday, which started good but ended badly.  So that's a positive.  We had the oven on a lot today (pizzas for lunch, baking dinner for an hour, and then baking cookies) and egads that oven made it worse.  Note to self, when you are trying not to use the a/c and it is hot, do NOT use the oven so much.  We got through just fine though.  We are getting really good at making the Ginger Sorghum Snaps.  They turned out even better this time.  We might make this our signature cookie.  Alex loves them...believe it or not. 

This evening when I took Morgan to dance I signed us up for a summer class.  She will be taking lyrical and I'll be taking the adult hip hop class.  Woot! Me, taking hip hop.  Who would have thought?  I'm looking forward to it and think it will be fun.  Dori has promised not to kill me.  ;-)

Corey and I watched the next episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution that we had DVR'd.  Omigosh, just love that show and what he is doing!  We are having our own Food Revolution in our house.  Morgan doesn't want to touch a chicken nugget unless it is a fresh, homemade one (we will be making some this wknd or Monday) and doesn't want fast food.  We've had no chips and both kids are eating more fruits & veggies.  Corey & I are too.  Yay!  We haven't even started with our spring/summer CSA boxes yet.  Can't wait til we are getting those every Wednesday.  I can taste the freshness now.  Yumm! 

Tomorrow is a busy one.  I have an interview with a midwife in Franklin at 3pm and we have Shakespeare Club at 6pm.  I'll be coming home during busy drive-time so dinner might be a squeeze...or late, after S.C.  We are doing Reader's Theatre of Much Ado About Nothing.  Should be fun.  Last month was with As You Like It.


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