March 3, 2010


Alex is our little science guy. He just LOVES science. When we were coming to an end of our R.E.A.L. Science Earth & Space curriculum we decided to bump Morgan up to a middle school science curriculum. We found an online program for her. We then needed to find an elementary curriculum for Alex but with some challenge. While we loved R.E.A.L. Science it was just too easy for the kids and they don't have an upper level curriculum ready yet. So, we started researching curricula that I've heard about from other homeschoolers and we came across one we really thought would be a good fit for Alex (and me as the teacher). This is Noeo Homeschool Science . We picked Physics II. So far Alex is loving it and so am I. I really think we will do well with this.

In addition to this, we had signed up for PhysicsQuest 2009 . This is our second year. We had so much fun with it last year with our friends, Lori Sloan & her kids, Maddy & Quent. We got together with them today and started working on the quest. We did the first two experiments and will do the remaining experiments the week after I return from my workshop. Today we were figuring out the wavelength of our laser and the thickness of our hair. I tell ya, physics can be very complicated and it scared the daylights out of me in high school so much that I wouldn't take the class. I stuck to biology, chemistry, biology II and anatomy & physiology. It still is complicated for me but I love exposing the kids to it so early and at an appropriate, yet challenging, level. It takes the scariness out of it.


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