February 11, 2010

CPR rhythm

This morning I took a 4 hour Basic Life Support /CPR for Health Providers class at our local hospital. I need to have my certification for the midwifery assistant workshop that I'm taking in March. When you are doing chest compressions for CPR you are aiming for 100 beats per minute. We were told we could hum a song while we were doing those compressions to help us hit that 100 bpm compression rate. The song was...are you ready for this? Ok, Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. Yes, really!! Who knew? LOL! So, we hummed & compressed and sure enough we all got 100 bpm or just above. You are humming it right now trying to picture this, aren't you? We all found it hilarious. However, our instructor did ask us to please NOT hum it while doing CPR in case family/friends were around to overhear us. She said they might think we were pretty sick. ;-) She then told us the story about how she found out about the song...she heard someone humming it DURING a code! Afterwards she asked someone else "Was that Another One Bites the Dust he was humming??" And they told her about the beat helping reach the right compression rate.

So that was my fun this morning. The class went great. I got 100% on my skills and 95% on the written test (darn trick question that almost everyone missed).


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