October 22, 2009

Kelly & Alex go to Georgia

Kelly's mom is working at a school in Decatur,GA and invited us to come along. Morgan's schedule is pretty packed so Alex and I decided we would go. Corey had more vacation days to take so he took this week off and is spending lots of time with Morgan.

Monday was a travel day...we drove from Columbia,TN to Decatur,GA and dropped GC (Kelly's mom) off at the school. Then we went to find the hotel, check in & get unloaded. After that we explored a bit and found a park, the library, and a science center to visit later in the week. We picked GC up from work and we found a local pizza place for dinner. It was very yummy. We noticed a partial Greyhound Bus Lines sign up in the building and wondered about it...my grandfather drove for Greyhound for years & we have a lot of Greyhound memorabilia. After seeing the sign we talked about my grandfather & how much we missed him. The sign must have been a sign from him...somehow.

Tuesday, we took GC to work and then came back to the hotel for breakfast, showers and schoolwork. Then we headed out to get haircuts and pick up GC for lunch. We found this place called Piece of Cake that sells all flavors of layer cakes, cupcakes, and cake by the slice. Oh my goodness...we all got some and it was delish!! After lunch, Alex and I went to Fernbank Science Center and had a great time exploring. The best part was when we were walking through the Fernbank Forest and came across a juvenille copperhead snake on the path! Alex almost stepped on him before we saw him. Woah! We took a few steps back and just watched him finish crossing the pathway. When we got back to the science center we tried to find out what kind of snake it was but they couldn't tell from the screen on my camera. The minute we got back to the hotel I uploaded the pictures and went searching online for snake identification. Sure enough...a copperhead (venomous) but a juvenille. Pretty cool...at least we think so.

Wednesday morning was pretty much the same as Tuesday (minus the haircuts) and after lunch we headed on another adventure. We went to meet some old new friends...or new old friends. LOL! I joined an email support group when I was pregnant with Morgan. All of us were expecting and due in Sept '98. Through the years we've managed to remain together, supporting each other through pregnancy, deliveries, infant years, toddler years, other children, divorces, cross country moves,etc. It has been almost 12 years and there is still a good number of us active in the group. I've met a lot of the moms & children over the years thanks to our travels. Well...I got to meet another mom and her kids (9/98 "baby" and younger sibling). We had a great visit and the kids had a good time playing. I wish Morgan had been with us but that gives me a good reason to plan another visit. I hope that one day we can get all of us (or most of us) together for a major meetup!
Ooh...and remember the sign we saw at dinner on Monday?? Well, I mentioned the name of the place to my friend and she said that it was in the old Greyhound Bus station. That explains the sign! Man, that was definitely a Pop Pop (my grandfather) moment if ever there was one. We felt you Pop Pop! Miss you.

Thursday started waaaay too early! It started at 3am when the police knocked on our hotel room door to let us know that mom's car was broken into and ransacked. Whee!! Mom had to go check it out and they filled out a report. Apparently several cars were involved. We slept in a bit this morning and then took her to work. Alex and I picked up breakfast, got the car washed (all that fingerprint dusting powder makes a mess), and then came back to the hotel for showers & schoolwork. We had a misadventure for lunch...the place was in the opposite direction from where we thought it was and we ended up almost in downtown Atlanta, the food wasn't very good...Alex didn't eat at all. :-/ Oh well...at least we are willing to try new things. :-) Tonight GC has a thai restaurant planned for us.

Tomorrow we head home when she finishes up with work...early afternoon'ish. We've had fun & adventures...but are ready to go home. I'll write another post about what Morgan & Corey did while we were gone. :-) I'll post pics from our adventure then too.


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