September 27, 2009

While Dad is away...

Corey was out of town for business from Mon-Thurs last week. We had a busy week with school, dance, tumbling, writing, SRL practice, helping Mom & MJ out with the dogs 1 night, and a field trip 1 morning. We managed to get through just fine. Maybe even better than fine considering the number of late nights (for my kids) and a couple of early mornings. We even dealt with *no* internet connection the whole time (darn router) and Mama having a stomach bug the 1st day. There is nothing like a crazy week to make you really appreciate a wonderful, actively involved partner when they aren't here. You realize just how much their support and co-parenting really means.

We went to see The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at Nashville Children's Theatre on Thursday morning. What a fabulous show! I know I sound surprised and I'm really not. We have yet to see a show that I didn't consider fabulous. LOL! :-) This show runs through October 11th. So if you are in the Nashville area, go see it.

Corey came home exhausted but is currently on vacation. He definitely needs the break as they've been working like crazy for a while. I'm hoping we can get some relaxing family time since we can't go anywhere.

Schoolhouse Rock Live wrapped up today. They had a great run. The kids & adults involved did a wonderful job and put in many hours of hard work. It paid off. :-) Morgan is already talking about the next auditions. We will see...


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