September 5, 2009

What to do?

What do you do when you have finally had enough with the town/area in which you live?

We moved just over 3 years ago. For the first year (at minimum) I was ready to move back to Tampa at a moment's notice. If I could have picked up our house and taken it with us there would not have been a second thought. After that we settled into a routine the best we could. We found activities for the kids and we have a few friends. None of us have the close friends that we had in Tampa. We miss that. As a homeschooling mom, I miss like-minded friends HORRIBLY! I have tried and tried...have made a couple friends...but no one really close. The one or two times I've found someone that I really think I can get along with and love their personality, they've lived here for a long time & have lots of long time friends and I'm an outsider looking it. Let me tell sucks!! I'm an outgoing, social person and this sucks. Just how am I an outsider...let's see..."new" to the town (3 years), not Christian, not conservative, not Republican, am a homeschooler..and even in that group I'm an outsider due to the previous 3 things. So, you can see how it is. I guess I have more than 3 I'm out.

So, what do you do when you've moved somewhere and you regret it? How do we make it right? Even if we were ready to leave right now nothing is selling so we couldn't. Frustrating & depressing. Heck, we aren't even able to take a vacation to see friends right now. Blech!

I don't believe that everyone has to believe the same, think the same,etc. I am a full believer in "agree to disagree" and "live and let live". But I don't know how you can live completely surrounded by people that don't believe or follow either of those. If you don't believe what they believe, live like they live,etc...then you are wrong and your mind must be changed...or you are shut out. I don't want my children raised around this. :-/

Now, if things improve with the housing market and if it becomes something that we can do. Where should we move? Liberal, open-minded, progressive, and green? Is there any such town, city, or area?


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