August 17, 2009

MIA - computer issues

We have not disappeared and life hasn't gotten too crazy yet. However, I've been MIA due to serious pain the behind computer issues. Corey has been wonderful about working on my computer trying to get it back up and running...just to have it die again. He's had to spend hours on it, plus contacting Dell to get warranteed parts replaced,etc. Friday, while repairing my computer yet again, we decided to bite the bullet and order me a new one. So, hopefully the latest repair will last long enough for my new computer to arrive. :-)

We've been doing pretty well with school. Not too much trouble out of the kids. Science still seems to be their favorite. We tried growing our own crystals but I think the experiment was written incorrectly so we will try again on Monday.

Morgan had a good 1st meeting for Schoolhouse Rock Live! on Monday night at MCAG . HP Club went well on Tuesday night. Alex really enjoyed his new tumbling class on Wednesday. There were more kids there but same teachers so we are happy with the change. Both kids decided not to participate in the homeschool bowling league this session. On Thursday, Corey had the day off so we went bowling as a family. Had a really good time. Morgan had her first writing class that evening. She really enjoyed it and came home ready to start on her assignment! Alex had fun playing on the playground with another younger sibling.

Saturday we had a great family day! We went to the open house at the dance studio to order dancewear for Morgan. Found out she has outgrown the shoe sizes they offer through the studio so we will have to take her up to Franklin to be fitted for new shoes. Egads! We then had lunch and headed up to Nashville to McKay's Used Books . We brought a tote full of books and received over $90 in store credit...we managed to spend all but $6 of it. LOL! Love getting new books, don't you? :-) Then we headed to Yazoo Brewing Company . They are a local brewing company and Corey has tasted their beer and wanted to tour. The kids joined us on the tour and got to see how it is different than homebrewing. Corey made a purchase to bring home as he got souvenier pint glasses. :-) Afterwards, we drove around downtown Nashville some...must come back...and then found LP Field. Corey purchased tickets for us to see the preseason NFL game between the Titans and the Bucs. We love both teams so great for us. :-) The kids got autographs from 2 Bucs players... #90 - Gaines Adams and #25 - Aqib Talib. They thought that was VERY cool! The game was great..and the Titans won 27-20. We were exhausted by the time we got home from our very long, busy, and wonderful day.

Today, we vegged out most of the day and then went over to GC's to celebrate my brother's birthday. It was yesterday but he worked and we were gone all day. We played trivial pursuit, had dinner and Coldstone Creamery ice cream cake cupcakes. Yum! :-) Happy Birthday Michael!


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