July 19, 2009

School year prep

Our family is prepping for the coming school year. We have most of our curriculum set and just a few things to order or buy. We have decided this year to enroll with a CRS (church-related school) under the Jeter Memo. This is one of the homeschooling options in Tennessee but it technically, according to TN law, makes us a satellite of the school we are enrolling with instead of official homeschoolers. Semantics. ;-) We would *not* be doing this option if it weren't for the fact that we have a school that we feel very comfortable with...that is not a christian church with a school. We are enrolling with The Farm School in the satellite campus program . We are looking forward to our first year with them. We will be reporting a little more by homeschooling this way but we think being with them will be good for us.

Part of our prepping has been to clear out the small desk that we've had downstairs between the living room & kitchen. It used to hold the desktop computer that the kids used prior to getting their laptops. Then it just held the printer and some software in the drawers. Well, our printer is messing up and we decided to make some changes. We cleared out the desk and moved it upstairs to Morgan's room. This will enable her to work in her room if she wants to. It fits in very well in her room. We bought a new printer, an HP Officejet 6500 . It is an all-in-one but we REALLY needed a wireless printer so we could all print without having to plug into a central printer. I decided to move a small bookcase from near the front door to the spot where the desk used to be. Moving this bookcase forced us to sort through the books that were on that bookcase and we found some that we can donate. Yea! We shifted the books we are keeping to another shelf with schooling books and then moved all our cookbooks over to the smaller shelf. It worked and I think it will help us be more organized.

I am also starting to think about field trips for the coming year. I am looking at
Adventure Science Center , Nashville Children's Theatre ,
Honeysuckle Hill Farms for an apple orchard tour, and Tennessee Performing Arts Center . I know more will come up that others plan & we can attend.

In addition to all the prep we are doing for our homeschooling year, we are also prepping for Mom to take a class. I am signing up to take a Midwifery Assistant workshop at The Farm Clinic/Midwifery Center. I am so very excited.


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