June 8, 2009


Morgan has registered for 4 dance classes next year...and has expressed an interest in an additional one that requires teacher approval. I'm not sure she is ready for that one yet but you won't know until you ask so we let her put in her request/interest for that one. She received the letter from Nashville Children's Choir and is on the waiting list. However, she has informed us that she wants to focus on dance this year and won't be accepting a spot if they do call her. She is open to the possibility of auditioning again next year.

We took Alex to Discovery Gym today to inquire about tumbling classes and to let him see it again. We've been there once for a friend's birthday party but not while classes were going on. We have some friends that take gymnastics and tumbling there and they love it. We signed Alex up for a beginner tumbling class on Tuesday evenings. He gets a free trial class (tomorrow) and can then decide if he wants to continue. We have everything ready if he does. *Fingers crossed* that he enjoys it. I really, really think he needs an activity that is all his.

We had bowling tonight, 5th week in our family league. I had a baaad night scorewise but still had fun. Alex had 1 game at his average and 2 games above his average. Morgan was on fire tonight!! All 3 games were above her average including 1 game that was 83 pins above her average giving her a new, all-time high score of 194!! And she was on cloud 9. :-) Corey was off his game tonight too (not as bad as I was) and wasn't happy about it...but still had fun.


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