May 29, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Where has the time gone? Just flying by. I've been slacking on the blogging and posting of pictures. Sorry about that. I am playing catch up today. I uploaded a bunch of pictures to a photo page. You can click on the link on the right. Look for May 2009 pics and you will see pictures of the various things we've done during the month of May.

We are currently in the midst of Dance Recital week. :-) It started Tuesday with a special practice for the finale cast at the theatre. Then Wednesday was dress rehearsal. Morgan had 4 class dances plus the finale so it was several hours for that plus time in between. She and I stayed at the theatre for the day, packing a lunch, so that she could see the other dances. It was a long day but fun to see so many of the dances. This year she is in all 4 shows and has to stay backstage for all of it. She has started the move into the realm of "bigger girls"...not yet a "big girl" yet. ;-) I am staying backstage with her, not only to help her change but also volunteering to help keep an eye on all the dancers that must remain backstage this year. Thursday night was recital show #1 and it went very well. she had dances for tap, jazz, ballet & then the finale. They are providing a viewing room backstage for all the dancers (and moms) that have to remain backstage. Nice so we don't have to miss much. Tonight is recital show #2 and she just has dances for hip hop, ballet & finale. Tomorrow morning she has recital show #3 and will be dancing tap, jazz, ballet & finale again. Saturday night we have recital show #4, the biggie for us, when she has all 4 dances (hip hop, tap, jazz & ballet) plus finale. We have 10 family members coming to see her and we will be going out afterwards for a celebration dinner.

To top off our busy dance recital week, we will be attending a graduation party for one of our nephews. He is graduating tonight and is having his party on Sunday, so family members can attend Morgan's recital. SOOOO sweet when it all works out this well. My mother-in-law & father-in-law are down here visiting and they get to see the graduation, the recital and attend the party. Woo! :-)

By Monday we will be back to good ole business as usual around here. :-)


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