May 5, 2009

TN State Bowling Tournament

The TN State USBC Youth Bowling Tournament was held in Chattanooga, TN over the last two weekends in April. The kids teamed up with two friends in order to fully participate in all three events...teams, doubles, and singles. Our main goal is that the kids have fun, otherwise why are we doing this? They had fun and did their best. Can't ask for more than that. :-) Here are some pictures.
Team pic: Seth, David, Alex, and Morgan

Alex bowling

Morgan bowling

David bowling

Seth bowling (with a broken collarbone & muscle spasms!)
Alex came in 55th out of 83 boys in his division and Morgan came in 52nd out of 60 girls in her division. We are proud of them both.
We had a great time in Chattanooga and I'll be posting pictures from all the other stuff we did and saw while there for the weekend. :-)


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