April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday 13

I haven't joined any group or whatever for Thankful Thursday 13 but I've seen it on a few blogs and just throught it would be a nice one for today. :-)

Kelly's Thankful Thursday 13

1. For my wonderful husband that works all kinds of hours to provide for our family.
2. For my husband's co-workers that tell him to go back to bed to get a couple hours of sleep.
3. That my husband still has his job, it is a good one with good benefits.
4. For the option of staying home to homeschool our children.
5. For my 2 wonderful children, whom I love more than life itself, even on the rough days.
6. For my friends, they keep me grounded as much as possible and provide much needed adult interaction.
7. For my family, without all of you we wouldn't have gotten this far.
8. For the unconditional love of pets.
9. For Diet Coke, without which I would NEVER make it through a day.
10. For our libraries because they keep us in books.
11. For gorgeous spring days that allow us to meet up with friends and enjoy the outdoors.
12. For the internet because it allows me to keep in touch with family & friends far away.
13. For educational games that make homeschooling & learning more fun.


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