March 4, 2009

Wednesday Bowl

On Wednesdays we have homeschool bowling league so it is even more important that we get our school work done early in the day. This way we have nothing hanging over our heads in the late afternoon/ early evening. This morning Morgan worked on a pre-quiz for registration into a local Mythology Bee. Alex and I worked on a lot of HP projects. He is doing good with them. One of them required a lot of multiplication, which he hasn't gotten to in his math program, and yet he knew how to do some of it...or figured out a work around (adding the numbers instead).

Bowling was good today. Both kids were bowling above their averages. Morgan's team is still in first place and she hopes it remains that way. Three more weeks in this session.

We didn't make anything blueberry'ish today and the homemade bread is almost all gone. On the plus side, Corey found out that his latest beer experiment *is* working even though he doesn't see bubbles in the bubble chamber (or whatever it is called). He was thrilled.

We are due for some gorgeous days coming up. I am hoping we get some good outside time.


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