March 2, 2009

March Snow!

Saturday we went over to Tullahoma to visit family. Corey's mom & stepdad had come to the end of their stay and we wanted one more visit. We all decided to have a cook out for one last hurrah while they were here and also celebrate one grandson's birthday. It takes us just over an hour to get to Tullahoma. We had a wonderful visit and my mom was able to join us. We were expecting some winter precipitation of some sort to head our way during the evening. It took longer to come than we thought, Corey kept checking, and we stayed a long time because we were having such a fun visit. The weather kept saying we would have about 1-2 inches south of Nashville and we always get less than what they say. (This is our story & we are sticking to it.) We left my brother-in-law's house at 10:30pm and headed home in a light rain. The kids crashed within a few minutes (thank the gods). By the time we got to the next city, about 15-20 minutes into our drive home we started encountering snow...huge, white flakes coming straight towards the windshield. Everyone slowed down (what few cars there were) and we continued on. Within another few minutes it got worse & worse. We had to slow down to 10-20mph because there were no lights (country roads), you couldn't see where the road ended & the grass/ravine/rocks started, you couldn't see where the center of the road was, and you could only see *right* in front of the vehicle because the way the snow was coming straight at us. Corey and my mom had to look out their side windows & keep me posted on how far from "the edge" they thought we were so we could try to stay on track. We are familiar with the route (day & night) but under these conditions it was a completely different ball game. We couldn't tell where we were, how much further we had to go,etc. Driving 10mph puts a while 'nother spin on "When will we be home?" LOL! Corey and mom were very encouraging and I was tense as could be. Nerve-wracking doesn't even begin to describe it. We saw several vehicles that had gone off the road (no injuries that we could tell...just slid) and police were out with flashing lights to help them & prevent others from running into them. We saw one car spin out in front of us...and I just hoped that they wouldn't go off the overpass or hit us (we were right near an overpass). Thankfully they were fine. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get home! This is how our yard looked when we got home. These pictures were taken at 2am on March 1st from our front porch.

The dogs loved romping in the snow and it was soo bright in the backyard with the light reflecting off all the snow. Later that day (Sunday) the kids left Corey and I sleeping and went out in the backyard with the dogs and played in the snow. If they hadn't let us sleep in I would have taken more pictures but after that drive home & not getting to bed until after 3am, I am more thankful that we got some good sleep and that the kids were still able to enjoy the snow.


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