February 27, 2009

Gorgeous Thursday

Today was just a delightfully gorgeous day. The kids did their school work and played together for a bit. Then Alex and I played 2 games of Sorry. I won the first game and he won the second... worked out nicely. We did some cleaning up in the kitchen...nope, no blueberry muffins were made but we did have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! :-) And I got a little laundry done. We spent some time outside talking to our neighbors and letting the dogs visit. We listened to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia! several times. Alex was belting out the songs while doing his school work. He sounded great! Corey grilled some steaks for dinner and then Morgan had dance class.

We were going to head up to the used bookstore in Nashville today but after sleeping late and getting a slower start to our day we were worried about getting home in time for dinner & dance. So we have postponed it.

Tonight Corey and I perused a lot of green sites and talked about some more things we can do to improve our green living. I found some things to use in the dryer to eliminate dryer sheets. We found a compost bin for the kitchen scraps and some info to help with our compost pile next to the garden. We will also be replacing the 2 shower heads with low flow shower heads.


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