January 29, 2009


Morgan & Alex had bowling league today. We are about 4 weeks into this 12 week session. Both kids are doing very well so far. Alex is making some nice headway into improving his game. This weekend is the Columbia Youth Tournament. The kids are participating with 2 friends. Saturday they will bowl teams, which is the 4 of them together. Then on Sunday they will bowl doubles and singles. The 4 of them will still bowl together but their scores will be scored as doubles and then singles. This is Alex's first tournament and he's pretty excited. My main thing is that he has fun and doesn't feel pressured. What is the point of participating if you aren't having fun, right? We are hoping that GC will come watch & cheer the kids on. However, both days are early ones and she doesn't do mornings very well. ;-) I plan on taking plenty of pictures so you know there will be a link later.


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