January 14, 2009

In the land of laundry....

Some days I feel like I live in the land of laundry. We are only a family of 4 (humans, anyway) and yet somehow I feel like we have mountains of laundry. My personal thoughts on dirty laundry is that you put any 2 pieces together and they will multiply like rabbits. So you have to be careful.

One day I will swear that all our laundry is clean & put away, except what we are currently wearing. Then overnight I will have a mountain of dirty clothes in our bedroom. How does this happen? I don't think we are having fashion shows, mudbaths in our clothes, extra people wearing them...but still it happens. The kids each have a hamper in their rooms. Alex tends to ignore his and toss clothes wherever he feels like taking them off...family room, living room, bathroom, master bedroom, stairs....wherever. Morgan tends to stuff her hamper until it is about to explode and she is out of clothes to wear. LOL!

Anyway, I put a load of laundry into the washer and moved a load into the dryer last night. This morning as I was getting in the shower I asked the kids if they would get the clothes out of the dryer and put the basket on my bed. Just as I was stepping into the shower I could hear some muffled conversation and one of the kids (not sure which one) said "Hey....SHE said to get them out." After my shower I start to take the clothes out of the basket...and they are wet! The kids started laughing and tell me that I told them to get the clothes out so they did what they were told. I told them they could have let me know the clothes were wet and they responded...but you didn't ask if they were dry you just said to get them out! LOL! Goons! We are raising smartypants! So, they had to put the load back in the dryer & turn it on. Next time I'll try to remember to add "if they are dry...take them out".

Trey has his own ideas of what dirty clothes and laundry baskets are to be used for, especially on a cold day...


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