December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Holiday celebration #1 has been a success. :-) We celebrated with GC, Michael, and Aunt Ilene (Kelly's aunt) over at GC's house. We had a delicious dinner, stockings and plenty of gifts. Everyone had a nice time, including Kelly who has a throat infection. We brought home stockings for Trey & Bella, which they loved!

Michael took pictures of everyone in front of the tree so I will share some once I get copies from him.

The Larabie house is all quiet, except for iTunes playing on Kelly's laptop, and ready for Santa to arrive. Cookies & milk have been set out and all other gifts are wrapped and under the tree. After opening gifts here in the morning we will journey to Tullahoma, about an hour east of us. We will celebrate with Grandma & Papa (Corey's mom & stepdad), TJ & Laurie and their 3 boys, Ryan, Marcus and Matthew, and Johnathon & Jody and their 2 kids, Patrick & Arika. There will be tons of food and more gifts. This will be our first Christmas with Grandma & Papa since Christmas 2001! We are all excited about spending it with them again. To make it even better, they will be here for 3-4 months. :-)

Merry Christmas to all our family & friends.


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