December 7, 2008

That time of year....

BUSY! :-) Yep, you can tell it is December...we get busy, busy. But it is honestly fun. Corey has been busy baking holiday cookies & goodies. He has made several batches of fudge (chocolate, chocolate with pecans, and peanut butter) and cookies (peanut butter blossoms, m&m, and snickerdoodles). I tell ya...there isn't much left for me to make. ;-) He has had help in the kitchen from Morgan and Alex. They've had a good time.

We still have to finish processing all that pumpkin! We still have 4 small/medium pumpkins and then Alex's Great Pumpkin! So we will be working on finishing that up. I also want to make some orange chocolate creams (special request from my mom) and some dipped candy canes. I'm not sure what else will be holiday stuff but we do plan on doing some pumpkin goodies...bread, muffins, and even ice cream. Corey had some FABULOUS pumpkin ice cream last was like pumpkin pie but in ice cream form! Ohmigosh it was delish.

This week we are pretty busy. On top of school (and work for Corey) we are taking my mom up to Nashville for her post-op checkup (her surgery went well), going to the cool used bookstore to trade in some books for store credit & look for more, go out to lunch for my birthday, do Morgan's 2 days of dance, go on a field trip to the performing arts center to see Amahl and the Night Visitors (a Christmas children's opera), go to Corey's work holiday lunch (no kiddos) at a nice steak house, and then I start volunteering at the Scholastic Warehouse up in Nashville like I did last year. In case you didn't notice...that is 4 days out of 5 driving up into Nashville. Ack! That is a lot of driving.

I am also getting serious about buckling down on the gifts I'm making. I don't want to say much, in case the recipients are reading this. But just know that I'm getting ready to start & it shouldn't take too long. :-)

Oooh...not sure if I ever mentioned here (didn't check previous posts before I started this one) but the puppy's name was changed within the first day or two...his name is Trey (for the 3 colors) and he is a sweetheart. His first round of antibiotics didn't resolve his runny, stuffy nose & cough so he's on his 2nd antibiotic and it does seem to be better already. Hopefully this will make him all better.

Grandma Gloria and Papa Tom (Corey's mom and stepdad) will be coming down to TN a little earlier than we thought. Yeah! They will be coming down on Monday, Dec 15th (instead of Friday, Dec 19th). We can't wait to see them. It has just been too long.


At 8:02 PM, Blogger Lisa T said...

Kelly - did you ever finish all the pumpkin?


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