October 18, 2008

What we did Friday

This was the first thing we did...and the most important. :-) Corey was off yesterday so we decided to take advantage of early voting. The kids were excited. When we arrived at the county election office we were surprised to see so much activity. The parking lot & surrounding areas were packed and there were people coming & going. When we got inside we were in a line of about 20 people. But the whole thing was *very* organized and it went quickly. Alex came with me to vote and I held his hand & we touched the screen for each candidate we wanted to vote for. Morgan voted with Corey. On the way out of the voting area a poll worker commented on me having Alex with me. She said "Starting him early?" And I said "Oh yes, he's been coming since he was born." She smiled and told me that it was great to see.

After voting we headed over to my mom & brother's house. We had plans to spend the day over there. Corey and my brother started working on our next book shelf. Mom, the kids and I headed out to Sam's Club for some shopping. When we got back from Sam's we started 2 batches of chili. Yum! Bella got to play with her doggie cousins and we got lots of family time. The chili got started later than we had planned so we ate much later. Afterwards we played a good game of Trivial Pursuit. Mom, Corey & Morgan against Alex, Michael & me. My team won...by 1 pie piece. Mom is planning on voting on Thursday when she comes down to our house. The county election office is the only place for early voting in our county and it is near our house.

Go vote!


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