September 25, 2008


Alex has discovered chess. The other day we received a package for my brother from my dad. My brother asked me to go ahead and open it. In the package was this beautifully carved wooden chess set. Alex was very intrigued by it. Corey offered to show him how to play with his chess set. He's been playing as much as he can since then. He asks anyone that will listen if they will play a game of chess with him. Morgan has been shown how, by Corey, but didn't really do much after that. Well, now she's playing with Alex. :-) It is so neat to watch the two of them playing the game. On Tues I sat and watched them and decided to take some pictures. Here they are:

Here is Alex making his move.

Morgan makes her move.

Alex thinks about his next move.

Morgan seriously considers her next move.

A close up of the game.


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a chess set at the library and Zoe loves to play when we are there, she's gotten pretty good at it. Me, not so much.


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