August 28, 2008

Science Experiments

This afternoon I had Alex pick out 2 experiments/tricks from a library book that he has checked out. 101 Physics Tricks by Terry Cash. He picked out one on water density & one on convection currents. The experiment on water density was easy but takes longer. We filled a small plastic container with water, to the brim. Then we cover it will foil and put it in the freezer. When the water freezes it expands and will push up out of the container, raising the foil cap. This experiment is currently in our freezer. :-) The second experiment was also easy but didn't take as much time. I took pictures to document.

Alex reads over the experiment.

He checks to make sure we have everything we need.

Alex puts the food coloring into the small container (this will dye the water in this container).

Morgan adds hot water to the small container, big container has cold water.

We had to change small containers (the other one floated!) and we are now preparing to pull off the foil cap.

Foil cap is off, colored hot water is at the top and starting to flow around & down.
Yea, our experiment worked. :-) The kids were excited and continued watching the containers until the hot water completely mixed with the cold water and it was all colored purple.


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