August 11, 2008

Back in the swing

We seem to be back in the swing of things around our house. Corey is as busy as ever with work and the kids & I are working on our schooling routine. We are finishing up books in some subjects and have already started new ones in other subjects. The new math books & the grammar program are in. Our science is backordered but should be coming in 1-2 weeks. I am being more "aggressive", for lack of a better word, in getting the kids started on school work and not letting them push it back & slack off. Woo...go Mommy/Teacher. :-) The kids are doing well on their end and not fussing when I tell them it is time to start. Woo...go kiddos. :-)

Bowling starts back up this week & both kids are participating. HP Club starts up on Tues night. We still haven't heard about Morgan's dance class schedule (ugh!). And we are working on some changes in our book club. A couple families have left and we are getting a couple more so making some schedule changes to that. I haven't heard anything about 4-H yet but that usually starts back up in September. I am helping to start a new homeschool support group in the area and that is keeping me pretty busy. But I'm loving it. Finally, scheduling some field trips. There are plenty of things like plays & such that you really need to schedule early so they aren't booked.

I found this while looking around at some other homeschooling blogs and just LOVED it!! I have to share.... I will survive (homeschool style)


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