July 27, 2008

Morgan's Big Adventure

Morgan's big adventure has begun. She has been calling every night to check in with us. She sounds good, although last night she sounded a little sad and was telling us that she missed us. Well, guess what? We miss her too! Strange how quiet things are around our house without her.

The beginning of the trip was a little slower and included stops to take care of things. Wednesday they went from Orlando (checked out of the vacation house) to Ocala where my dad and stepmom have a house. Thursday they headed to Knoxville, Tennessee so that my dad could get his hearing aids checked and they could visit a couple friends and pick up I-40 for the drive out west. They did the visiting and check ups on Friday so the girls got to go shopping and then swim at the hotel pool. We did have to tease a little about Morgan taking longer to get back to Tennessee than we did. ;-) On Saturday they headed out I-40 and stopped for the night in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Today they were off to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Morgan is taking pictures and writing in her journal. Tomorrow they will go to Sedona, Arizona and spend Monday & Tuesday in Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert before moving on to California.

I hope she is enjoying herself. I'm so glad that she got a chance to have this adventure. I remember when I was 6 1/2 I got my big adventure. My Uncle Ed and Aunt Ilene took me on a trip to Washington, DC with plenty of stops, sightseeing, history, visiting friends,etc. They did the same for my brother when he was 6...but took him on a train trip (he was more into trains and that was soooo my uncle's thing). Morgan getting an adventure with family members is continuing what my aunt & uncle started. Cool! :-) One of these days Alex will get to go on one.

I can't wait to hear more about the trip and everything she got to see and do. I'm dying to see pictures. She got her hair cut on Wednesday so I haven't even seen that!


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