June 26, 2008

Sick Bunny

Parker Bunny aka PB is one sick bunny. He has been having eating, well more like non-eating, issues for about 1-2 weeks. He won't eat for a couple days and then just as we start to get worried he will start eating again and keep repeating this cycle. Well a few days ago he stopped eating again, snubbed his nose at his yogurt drop treat (which he has been known to draw blood while snatching it from you). Then he seemed wobbly or off-balance when moving around his pen. He has a 4'x4' pen down in Corey's office. Yesterday morning Corey called me down there because he couldn't hop out of his litter box but rolled himself over and then couldn't really upright himself without a lot of work. And we noticed his head was leaning/tilting/turning to the right. I called the vet and got him in an hour later. By this time his left eye was dilated, not focusing and was rapidly moving back & forth in a pattern that is referred to as nystagmus. The vet checked him out and diagnosed him with torticollis and it is caused by a bacterial infection in the brain. This is causing inflammation & thus all the problems. He is on an antibiotic but the bacteria causing this is a big yucky one and the antibiotics might not work at all, might not work soon enough, or might work just right. If they work he might have lingering problems depending on if & how much damage is done by the inflammation. So far he is accepting his medication...not easy giving a small bunny medication via syringe.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is very sad. I hope he does OK with the medication. Sorry he is so ill.
Hugs to you and the kids.


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