April 19, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Alexander!

Happy, happy birthday my sweet boy!! Can you believe it?? Alex turned 7 today! He is tall, slim, and as busy as ever. He is so smart and does great with his school work. His favorite subjects are math and science (just like his mom & dad). He enjoys our bookclub, the HP Club and homeschool bowling league. He just loves video games and computer games.

I'm not sure where the time has gone and how he has come to be 7 so quickly but here we are. We are looking forward to what the future brings for us with Alex. He keeps us on our toes...still. ;-)

He had a birthday party today with family, friends & neighbors. He asked for an ice cream cake and it was delicious. We got him a Nintendo DS, a couple games and an accessory pack. He also received some pirate stuff from Morgan, Build-A-Bear bucks from Uncle Mikey, a Target giftcard from GC, and money from friends, Grandma & Papa, and Great Grandma L. He was thrilled and can't wait to go shopping. LOL! We cooked out after his party and then he watched a movie. Afterwards I got to have some special birthday snuggles with him while we listened to a book on CD.

Oh my sweet boy...I just can't believe you are 7 already! We love ya sweetie!


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