April 6, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday morning we got up early to help Morgan get ready for the parade. We met up with the others and helped unload the horses off the trailer. Then we left Morgan at the line up spot and headed off to find a parking spot and our place to set up chairs to watch the parade. While walking around with Alex before the parade (had to keep him busy) we found some flowers that he insisted we take pictures of.

Aren't they gorgeous? So that was our pretty find on our little walk. We got settled in just as the parade was starting. Lots of mules, wagons, horses,etc.....and FINALLY we see the minis! Beth (the owner) was walking Roo, Morgan was walking Rocky, Madison was walking Cherry Basket and Larissa was walking Tom Thumb. Morgan had a huge smile on her face. At the end of the parade we headed off to pick her up. We got caught in traffic right before picking her up and that took forever. They had managed to take a break, load up the horses, and then start walking towards a friend's trailer (so the minis could be taken home). By the time it was all done she walked about 3 miles. She was proud of herself. :-) Later we took her to GC's house to spend the night. They did some beading and hung out together. Corey and I took Alex to get a movie (1 for him and 1 for us) and had a movie night. Today we did some family bowling and had a good time.

Parade pics are up on the right sidebar. Enjoy.


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