March 30, 2008

Earth Hour & E-85

We participated in Earth Hour 2008 last night. The kids went to bed early, having gotten up way too early yesterday morning, but unplugged their stereos, clocks and night lights before 8pm. Corey and I went through the house and unplugged as many things as we could, turned off those that we couldn't unplug but could turn off. I think the only things left were the refrigerator, freezer, stove & d/w. We lit a few candles and sat at the table talking and playing cards. It was a great hour, actually longer for us, and it took care of one item on Corey's 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list. So that was cool as well. We believe our neighbors across the street participated. They were home, all lights out, including their porch light (usually on). After 9pm the porch light came on. I told my mom about it and asked her to participate....hopefully she did. :-)

Did you participate?

I am ready to go for Earth Hour 2009. Head on over to their website and check it out. Get ready for 2009. Earth Hour

On a related note...while out yesterday we saw something that is new and exciting for us. A Shell gas station, on a busy corner, has a couple of new pumps and a big sign up that it is E-85!! Man, we wish we had a flex-fuel vehicle!! I've checked before and there was no place around that was selling it other than a couple of gov't/military locations. So this is fabulous as far as we are concerned.


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