April 5, 2008

Rain, Spring and Mule Day

It has been raining and raining here in TN. Since we had such drought conditions we are still behind on water where it counts (the water table, the lakes & rivers where we get our water,etc). However, for the current year we are ahead. Hopefully when all is said and done we will balance out. With the amount of rain we've been getting some of us are really tired of the gray & wet days.

A positive side to all this rain is that it is making the new life burst forth from all of the plants! We have gone from brown & dead looking to green & fresh looking almost overnight. It is just amazing how one day you can look at a tree and see *nothing* there but brown, wintery branches and the very next day see small green buds ready to pop open and then the next day see freshly opened leaves reaching out to the sun. Spring has come to TN and our April showers will definitely be resulting in some May flowers. No doubt about it.

Mule Day...what is Mule Day? It is a BIG DEAL in Columbia, TN. A whole week is set aside to honor the critters for which it is named. It stems from the days when the farmers would gather for the big mule auction of the year. Mules were very important on the farms and it was an important event. We know have all kinds of competitions, shows, and a parade. People come from all over to participate and watch. Kind of weird....kind of cool. This is just our second year experiencing Mule Day and Morgan will be in the parade. She will be with some fellow homeschoolers and walking a miniature horse (mules, donkeys, horses and floats in the parade). She is very excited about it. She has been working with the miniature horses for a week or so now. I have pictures (click on the link to the right) up and will put more up after the parade.

New pictures up - link on the right sidebar. Morgan & the miniature horses and Alex baking his first loaf of bread.


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