May 22, 2008

Morgan's brush with fame

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is filming her newest movie here in middle TN. Her home is between us and Nashville and they are filming several parts of the movie here in our town. Yesterday I took Morgan downtown to see if we could see them filming. Well, we could. :-) We watched about 20 minutes of filming and then Miley & Emily (plays Lily) got a break and came over to sign autographs. We got pictures and autographs from both of them. It wasn't too crowded but the people that were there "swarmed" when the 2 girls came over. Both Miley & Emily were very sweet to all the girls. Morgan was thrilled and was quite squeally and bouncy afterwards. The whole thing was about 25 minutes and then we headed off to bowling.

Today she begged me to take her up there again and I consented, figuring this isn't something that happens that often. We picked up a friend & took her too. Well, don't you know that yesterday was our lucky day. Today they spent a lot of time under the time looking at previous scenes, filming scenes with extras and then took a loooong lunch break. The girls were disappointed but I explained that this is how it is on "star stalking" (as Corey puts it)...sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't.

I am uploading the pictures now and will put a photo link over on the sidebar ====>>


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